Which Truck is Best for Car Seats?

By: Lange & Fetter Motors   |   09 Mar 2021
Which Truck is Best for Car Seats

For plenty of parents, having children has become synonymous with a steady decline in your coolness factor. “Baby on board? Say goodbye to your beloved truck, and hello to groan-worthy dad jokes!” Here at Lange & Fetter, we believe that you can easily have both: a sweet pickup truck and a sense of humour that will embarrass your kids! So how can we help you make this best-of-both-worlds dream a reality? Today on the Lange & Fetter blog, we’re profiling two of our most popular Ford Trucks, the F-150 and the Ranger, to highlight just how family-friendly these pickup trucks can be. From functionality to safety to space, Ford Trucks are designed to grow with your growing family better than all the rest!

Ford F-150 and Ranger are Car Seat Superheroes


When it comes to car seat compatibility, most parents are interested in three main things: space, government-approved Child Restraint System hardware (such as LATCH and tether anchors) and ease of access. Whether you need the full-size capabilities of the Ford F-150 or the agility of the light-duty Ford Ranger, both of these Ford Trucks perform beautifully in all three areas:

1. Space. You may be surprised to learn that most Ford F-150 models offer more interior space than the majority of SUVs on the market. The F-150 SuperCrew can easily fit 3 car seats across (yep, you read that right!) in multiple configurations, including a mix of forward/rear-facing, and infant, convertible and booster seats. Bonus: there’s enough legroom that the kids won’t be kicking the back of your seat! Even in the more compact Ford Ranger, there is space for two car seats with room to spare, and you won’t need to sacrifice any legroom upfront.

2. Hardware. Both the F-150 and Ranger feature an easily accessible lower LATCH system and top tether anchors in the rear (for those who are expecting their first baby, LATCH is a certified attachment system for car safety seats, and tether anchors are used to secure the top of a car seat when it converts from rear to forward-facing). Not all anchor systems are created equal, but the accessibility of the LATCH and top tether anchors in both of these models makes them safe and suitable vehicles for families.

3. Ease of Access. It might not seem like a big deal, but when you’re on iPad/snack/pacifier/tantrum duties (the list goes on forever, by the way), you need to be able to easily access your kids in the backseat. In both the F-150 and Ranger, features like wide-opening doors, a smartly designed cabin and side steps make rear-seat access a breeze. Whether you’re trying to unlatch your car seat without waking a sleeping baby or unlatching with fervour to escape the smell of a motion-sickness event, any parent is sure to appreciate both the F-150 and Ranger’s easy rear-seat access!



Family-Friendly Features Across the Ford Truck Lineup

One thing that we love about Fords is that they’re designed with versatility in mind - once you purchase a Ford Truck, it grows with you as your needs change. But from cramped quarters to a lack of safety features, not all manufacturers take the same approach to adaptability. Let’s take a look at a few areas where Ford Trucks stand out when it comes to family-friendly functionality:

Best-In-Class Accolades

We’ve all heard the phrase ‘don’t you want the best for your family?’ Once you set eyes on your newborn baby, it all makes sense - yes, you do want the best for your family! That’s why more drivers trust the best-in-class reputation of Ford vehicles above all others. The peace of mind that comes with knowing you can count on your Ford from the moment you leave the hospital to the first time your teenager hops into the driver’s seat is hard to put into words. Don’t worry, we’re here to do it for you - it means a lot!

Safety You Can Count On

Whether you slip on a patch of ice on the 401 or you hit a flash flood on your way to Centennial Park, you’ll travel with confidence knowing that your Ford Truck is working hard to keep your most precious cargo safe. The F-150 and Ranger are loaded with intelligent driver-assist safety features, including a pre-collision safety system, blind-spot information system, lane-keeping assist, adaptive cruise control, automatic high-beam headlamps and so much more.

Your Ford, Your Way

Ford Trucks, like the F-150 and Ranger, are designed to provide drivers with a versatile driving experience. Each Ford has a wide range of available cabin, bed and powertrain options, an extensive list of custom packages and accessories that allow you to personalize your truck, and an array of thoughtful comfort and convenience details. From the campsite to the jobsite to school pickup, your Ford Truck is ready to fit into your unique lifestyle.


Test Out Your Car Seats at Lange & Fetter - Seriously!

There’s no better way to find the right truck for you and your family than to put ‘em to the test. Come visit us at Lange & Fetter Motors here on Dundas Street in Trenton, and bring your car seats, strollers, tools, your kids’ hockey gear and your little (or big!) dog, too - we’ll show you just how easily one of our trustworthy Ford Trucks can adapt to your needs. Take a look through our current inventory of popular F-150 and Ranger models online, and give us a call to schedule your test drive today!



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