Answers to Your Most Common Ford Truck Problems

By: Lange & Fetter Motors   |   21 Apr 2021
Interior Touchscreen in Ford Truck

Even the best-made vehicles require some TLC from time to time, and your Ford Truck is no exception. At Lange & Fetter, we believe in empowering our customers to feel confident about vehicle ownership, including taking care of small repairs in the comfort of your own driveway. Today on the blog, we’re troubleshooting some of the most common Ford Truck problems that our customers experience with this quick how-to guide to simple and safe DIY repairs. We promise that your vehicle will be running as it should, and you’ll feel like the master of your Ford Truck in no time!

Problem #1: Bluetooth SYNC Won’t Connect

This is one of the most commonly reported issues from Ford owners. If your phone isn't connecting to Ford SYNC via Bluetooth, there are a few things you can try:

  1. Turn the ignition off.

  2. Open and close your driver’s door.

  3. Wait for SYNC to turn off completely, and all clusters to power off.

  4. Wait an additional 30 seconds (can you recite the alphabet forwards and backwards?!).

  5. Turn the ignition back on.

  6. Wait for SYNC to power on completely, with all clusters powered on.

If after following these steps your phone does not automatically pair over Bluetooth, it may be time to confirm whether your phone is at fault:

  1. From your phone’s menu, turn Bluetooth Off, wait a few seconds, then turn it back On.

  2. From your truck’s centre display screen, turn Bluetooth Off, wait a few seconds, then turn it back On.

If this doesn’t work, you can try a manual SYNC pairing:

  1. Manually pair from your truck: on your truck’s centre display screen, press the Phone button > scroll to System Settings > Press OK > scroll to Connect Bluetooth Device > Press OK > scroll to [select your phone] > Press OK. Make sure your phone’s Bluetooth is On!

  2. Manually pair from your phone: look for ‘SYNC’ in your phone’s Bluetooth menu and tap it to connect.

If pairing over Bluetooth continues to fail, you may need to fully power off your phone before trying again, or attempt a clean pairing by deleting your device from your truck’s SYNC menu. If all else fails, the team at Lange & Fetter can help you with a master reset that will reboot your SYNC system to factory settings - if you get to this step, please give us a call for assistance!

Problem #2: Running Lights Not Working

Some customers have reported that the headlamps, brake lights, blinkers and fog lights on their Ford Trucks work normally, but the rear running lights and license plate lights won’t turn on when the truck is being driven. For most Ford Trucks, this is a simple fix that can be solved by replacing just one bulb! Make sure your truck is turned off, and then try the following:

  1. Get under the back bumper of your truck and locate the small opening near your license plate. You should see a wire that you can pull out through the opening.

  2. Pull the wire out and replace the bulb on the end. You can give us a call at Lange & Fetter to ask about which bulb you need - likely, it will be a simple license plate bulb that only costs a few dollars.

  3. Make sure the bulb is tightly screwed on and put the wire back into the truck opening.

  4. Turn on your truck - this should reset all of your automatic running lights!

Are you more of a visual learner? Here’s a helpful DIY video from a Ford Truck owner who successfully tried this technique and had his running lights working again in under 5 minutes. Of course, if this doesn’t solve your issue, the Lange & Fetter service team is here to help!

Problem #3: Alarm System Going Off

If you’ve experienced your alarm system being triggered for no reason (besides ghosts, of course), there are a few very simple fixes you can try to reset the alarm before bringing it to L&F for a closer inspection:

  1. Put the key in the ignition and turn it to the point just before the ignition starts.

  2. Quickly press the valet/override button and hold it until either the LED light on your dash turns solid or the siren chirps, or both. The override button is typically on the interior of your truck just to the left of your pedals near the floor, but this might vary between models, so your owners manual will be helpful here.

You may also need to adjust or replace the hood pin, which will only take a few minutes. Take a look through your user manual to locate where the hood pin is on your exact model. Finally, don’t forget about the most common cause - clean the inside of your truck’s keyless entry FOB and replace the battery!

Problem #4: Aluminum Body Problems

This isn’t exactly a problem that you can fix yourself, but it is something that you can proactively keep at bay. Some Ford Truck owners (*cough, cough: Canadian Ford Truck owners!) have reported that the lightweight and sturdy aluminum components of their trucks are prone to rust. This isn’t just a Ford problem, but more of a “life in Ontario” problem. To help maintain the body of your Ford Truck, be sure to schedule a rust-proofing appointment with the L&F Service Centre for the fall each year. It’s a small cost in your regular maintenance schedule that can save you thousands over the long run - not to mention, it’ll keep your truck looking as good as the day you drove it off the lot.

The Lange & Fetter Service Centre is On Your Side

Don’t worry - if you’re not exactly the DIY type, the crew here at the L&F Service Centre is standing by to help with all of your car, truck and SUV needs. Our team of service technicians are some of the best in Quinte West, and can work on just about any make or model of vehicle on the road. From regularly scheduled maintenance to unexpected repairs and quick fixes, we’re here to help keep your Ford running in tip-top shape for years to come!



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