Why You Need to Visit the Lange & Fetter Service Centre

By: Lange & Fetter Motors   |   23 Mar 2022
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Owning a car isn’t just a “drive away and forget it” experience. Even the best-made vehicles require maintenance, repairs, and just the right amount of TLC. So when you need to give your beloved ride the royal treatment, where should you take it?

Skip the shady mechanic or generic oil change centre down the street and bring your vehicle to the Lange & Fetter Service Centre, of course! Not only do we guarantee that the very best Ford-certified technicians in the biz will be working on your vehicle, but we offer a host of other perks that put our Service Centre headlights over tailpipes above other garages.

Let’s take a look at a few reasons why you need to visit the Lange & Fetter Service Centre when it’s time for your next maintenance or repair appointment.

We’re Qualified to Work on Your Trucks - Even the Big Ones

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Hard-working folks in Trenton depend on their trucks, but not every garage knows how to treat ‘em right. In fact, many garages don’t even have the space or unique parts required to effectively work on heavy-duty pickup trucks like the F-250 and F-350. We even know our way around your custom and commercial trucks, including models with hydraulic systems, dump beds, specialty hitches, and more.

Our Service Menu Includes Whatever Your Heart, Err, Vehicle Desires

We’re proud to offer high-level services here at Lange & Fetter that other garages don’t, and always at a price that our customers can afford.

From oil changes to ceramic coating, to commercial vehicle services and complicated diagnostics, our Service Centre offers the gamut of vehicle maintenance and repair services. For a sample of our offerings and prices, head to our ‘a la carte’ style Service Menu, or simply reach out and tell us what you need - we promise to make it happen!


Own a Hybrid or Fully Electric Vehicle? We’ve Got You Covered

EVs are becoming more popular on Ontario’s roads, but not every garage has technicians who are qualified to work on electric components, let alone get the genuine parts that hybrid and fully electric vehicles require. The Lange & Fetter service team is constantly updating our qualifications to ensure we are fully certified on the latest in automotive technology. No matter the make, model, year, or powertrain, you can count on fully trained technicians who will get the job done right.

We’re Trenton’s Source for Parts and Accessories

Person at a dealership looking for parts

Getting the right parts and accessories for a specific make and model isn’t always easy, but you can count on Lange & Fetter to find what you need. Whether you need genuine OEM parts for your Ford car, Truck, or SUV (yes, even an old one, even a rare one, even one that’s been discontinued!) or something unique for a custom project, our Parts Department will track down and order the part you need, no questions asked.

We also have a dedicated Tire Centre where we can help you source the right tires for your vehicle, including all-terrains, specialized tires for farming trucks, high-end performance tires, and more. Need a place to store your tires while you’re swapping sets? No worries, we can take care of tire storage for you.

Speaking of Custom Work… We Do That, Too

We know that many of our customers love their custom vehicles - and we do, too! Not only do we have access to custom accessories for your next big project, but we can get the work done for you as well. Feel free to browse our Customs Gallery, or follow us on Instagram for news on the launch of our new ‘Lange & Fetter Customs’ Instagram account, where we’ll be sharing all of the hottest custom vehicle projects to come out of L&F!


We Can’t Wait to Serve You Better at the Lange & Fetter Service Centre

Don’t just take our word for why we’re the best vehicle Service Centre in Trenton, ON - let us show you! Book your next maintenance or repair appointment with the Lange & Fetter Service Centre today - we can’t wait to serve you better.


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