How the F-150 Shows Up the Tundra

By: Lange & Fetter Motors   |   30 Apr 2022

We know when it comes to the pickup truck market there’s a lot of competition out there to choose from. But only one brand comes to mind when you’re looking for something “tough” – built Ford tough to be exact! Sure, the Toyota Tundra has a lot going for it, but here at Lange & Fetter we stand by our vehicles, especially the ones tried and true. For us, that’s the F-150, a full-sized pickup with mighty engine and towing capabilities. Packed with exciting comfort, off-roading, tech, and safety features, there’s a lot to love about this hefty Ford pickup. So, if you’ve narrowed down your search to the F-150 and the Tundra, let this blog be the official dealbreaker that shows you how the F-150 comes out on top!

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Mighty Engines for Days

It's no secret that the heart of any pickup is its powertrain, and the F-150 has a myriad of options. It starts off with a 290-horsepower 3.3-litre V6 engine. Or you can choose from two turbocharged V6s, a V8, and a range-topping hybrid powertrain that pairs a turbocharged V6 to a hybrid system for 430 horsepower. Sure, the Tundra’s two-engine lineup might make shopping easier, but ultimately, drivers get more purchase flexibility from the F-150’s engine options.

Best-in-Class Towing and Payload

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The Tundra does have a competitive towing capacity that’s enough to haul your typical small-sized trailer. But the F-150 takes towing to another level thanks to the numerous configurations and available axle ratios that can help enhance towing. Depending on your individual hauling needs, ultimately the F-150 offers a class-leading 14,000-lb maximum compared to the Tundra’s 12,000 lbs.

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Cabin Comforts

On top of being extremely capable and outfitted with all kinds of helpful exterior features, the Ford F-150 also sports an expansive and comfortable interior. The F-150 offers three cab options to ensure you’ll find the one that perfectly suits your needs. With the Tundra, you’ll only get two options to choose from. Additionally, the F-150 has been designed to maximize wiggle room for all passengers on board, offering more inches of legroom and shoulder room than the Tundra. Plus, the F-150 also offers ample in-cabin cargo storage options including a flow-through center console, and a rear flip-up 60/40 split bench which lets you store long items in the back. With the Tundra, you’ll miss out on most of these storage options meaning you’ll have to compromise some of your cargo space to fit in the items you need—or leave some of those items behind.

Test Drive Canada’s Best-Selling Pickup at L&F

As Canada’s best-selling pickup year after year, it's clear the F-150 has been doing something right! Don’t take our word for it? Stop by our lot or book a test drive today! Any one of our friendly team members will be eager to help you out!

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