Benefits of Trading in Your Vehicle at a Local Dealership

By: Lange & Fetter Motors   |   29 May 2023

Whether you’re ready to trade in your current vehicle for something new or just wouldn’t mind some cold hard cash in your pocket, there always comes a time when you need to get rid of your used ride. While many people still believe that selling your vehicle privately can help save you more time and money, the truth is it won’t really save you much of either. In fact, by going through the trade-in process with a reputable local dealer, like Lange & Fetter, you’ll not only get the best resale value for your vehicle, but you'll also save money on taxes and fees associated with your new one! Not to mention the process will be smooth, quick, and easy! Let’s explore some of the benefits of trading in your vehicle at a local dealership over making a private sale.

Save On Fees & Taxes

As we mentioned earlier, one of the best benefits of trading in your vehicle through a dealer is the tax break you’ll receive when it comes to financing your next one. Not only does the value of your trade-in get deducted from the total purchase price, but as a result, you’ll only pay the taxes on the total price of the vehicle after the deduction. Selling privately would mean taking your earnings and putting it towards a new vehicle only to pay the taxes on the total price of the vehicle. You’d be surprised at how much money in taxes and fees trading in could save you!

Detailing and Deconditioning Savings

In order to entice potential buyers to purchase your vehicle, you’ll be expected to have the car detailed and de-conditioned – especially if you want to avoid lowballers. This can cost you hundreds of dollars depending on the condition of your used vehicle. Here at Lange & Fetter, we conduct a full inspection and reconditioning process for all of our used vehicles. Trading in your vehicle to purchase a newer model can prevent you from paying reconditioning costs upfront, allowing you to make a larger down payment on your next ride.

The Dealer Does the Dirty Work

From handling Facebook Marketplace listings to coordinating viewings with potential buyers, not to mention the paperwork, the process of selling your vehicle privately requires a lot of time and patience that can quickly turn into a headache. When you trade in with a dealership, they will handle everything for you. Rather than doing all the groundwork yourself, Lange & Fetter can quickly take the vehicle off your hands and handle the transfer efficiently.

No Need to Pay Off Your Auto Loan

Still having outstanding payments on your vehicle can be a major deterrent for private buyers since it means you won’t have the title in hand. Here at Lange & Fetter, we’ll work with you to pay down your existing loan, no matter your credit history or financial situation, so you can still sell your used vehicle and get the reliable one you need.

Hey Trenton – We’ll Buy Your Car!

Whether you’re looking to upgrade to a new ride or your current set of wheels is destined for the scrapyard, Lange & Fetter will buy your used vehicle no matter the make or model. Take the worry out of selling your current vehicle with our simplified used car-buying process. Value your trade-in online, or contact one of our team members today to get the ball rolling!


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