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Custom Vehicles—We Do it All

Lange & Fetter Motors specializes in custom Fords! No matter what model, we give your vehicle a unique feel. Ford pickups have been the best selling truck for the past 51 years! You see them all over the roads so why not make yours stand out? Take advantage of Lange & Fetter's expertise to personalize yours without affecting your warranty. We will work with you to transform it into a one of a kind ride that won't get lost in traffic and it can all be worked into your payment! Here are some of the features we offer:

  • Custom Exhaust kits
  • Custom Lift Kits
  • Upgraded Tires
  • Personalized Graphics
  • Leather Seats
  • Heated Seats
  • Remote Starts
  • Hydraulic Tailgates

Our Factory trained, licensed Technicians stay on top of the latest technology and trends to keep you safe and legal. We have been standing behind their work since 1952 so come see us in Trenton and create your dream truck, without melting your credit card. Check out our inventory of custom vehicles and custom rides that are on the road now:

Available Custom Vehicles





Previous Custom Vehicles

Here are some of the custom vehicles we have done in the past either to sell on the lot or at customer request. These customizations do not impact your warranty, so enjoy a worry-free process! See something here that you want on your new ride? Talk to our sales team.

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Custom Graphics