Built Ford Tough. Tuned Just For You.

Your Ride Personalized 

Don’t get lost in traffic! Take pride in a stand-out vehicle that turns the heads of everyone it passes. Whether you’re shopping for new or re-imagining your current vehicle, we know that every single detail counts. The expert technicians at Lange & Fetter have the experience, knowledge, and passion to help make your vehicle dream a reality!

Our Ford Certified technicians always personalize your vehicle without compromising your warranty.

When you buy with us, you can roll your customizations into your payment plan.

Every custom job that comes through our doors gets special care, attention, and collaboration from everyone at Lange & Fetter. We’re excited to get working on yours, so shop our parts or accessories, give us a call, or come visit us and let’s get the ideas flowing. Our team loves nothing more than to forge your ideas and visions into a one-of-a-kind vehicle that’s unique to your specifications.


Do I have to buy a vehicle on your lot to do this?

Not at all! We frequently work with people that would like to add some beef to their current vehicles. We are happy to work together on a really cool package for you!

Can I customize any vehicle? Or just trucks?

We’re happy to customize all of our vehicles! Mustangs are the second most common after trucks, but we also do some really cool mods to SUVs! Think bike racks, window vents, graphics, etc.

Can I add the price of the custom package to my financing?

ABSOLUTELY! That is part of what makes doing your custom work here such a smooth process!

Can I customize my truck if I plan to lease it?

For sure! You can get the best of both worlds.

Will customizing my vehicle affect my warranty?

At other shops it’s possible your warranty could be voided, but not here! Our work is done by Certified Ford technicians to ensure that your ride looks great, but that no sacrifices on longevity are made. We know the rules and we stick by them.

Is the tint you offer legal?

Yes! The expert we use for window tint is very knowledgeable and ensures that nothing gets too dark.

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