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Oil Change FAQ

How often should I change the oil in my vehicle?

Your engine oil should be changed every 8,000-16,000 kilometres, depending on your vehicle’s model year and driving conditions. Many newer Ford vehicles have an Intelligent Oil-Life Monitor to help you track when an oil change is needed. For more information, refer to the "Scheduled Maintenance" section in your Owner's Manual or contact the Lange & Fetter service centre!

What is the recommended engine oil for my vehicle?

Using the right oil helps keep your vehicle’s engine clean, reduces overall wear, and maximizes its performance. Ford recommends using Motorcraft® synthetic motor oil for your Ford vehicle. Recommended engine oil specifications can be found in your Owner's Manual under Capacities and Specifications.

Where can I view my vehicle's oil life in the FordPass App?

By connecting your vehicle to FordPass, you can receive Vehicle Health Alerts delivered directly to your phone, including when you’re due for an oil change. Simply log in to the FordPass App, navigate to the Vehicle landing page, select the Status header, and tap the Oil Life tile.

Can skipping an oil change make my car run poorly?

It absolutely can. You may experience vibrations inside the car, a burning smell, and overheating, which can cause a blown gasket. It can even warp parts of your engine, leading to damage that greatly shortens the lifespan of your vehicle.

Why should I go to a dealership for an oil change?

Keeping your Ford running smoothly takes expert training, dedication and passion. Our factory-certified technicians are trained to know the complexities of your vehicle and can perform quick inspections and efficient services without compromising on quality. Not to mention, sticking with a Certified Ford Service Center has benefits for your OEM warranty, too. For the most trustworthy and expert vehicle services possible, visit Lange & Fetter’s service centre!

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