Ford F-150 Lightning: The Future of Ford’s Off-Road Vehicles

By: Lange & Fetter Motors   |   30 Nov 2022

The F-150 Lightning is a full-size electric pickup featuring an extended-range battery pack that will top out at 580 horsepower and a power output of 452 hp. It is also capable of producing 775 lb-ft of torque.

As with any electric vehicle, the Lightning is limited by range, but with the standard 100 kWh pack and an optional 200 kWh pack, the F-150 Lightning will be able to produce a range of up to 1000 km and 1600 km, respectively. Both packs will provide a charging time of 20 minutes, giving the truck a range of about 290 km.

The F-150 Lightning will also feature a 100 kW on-board generator. This will allow the truck to supply and use power for basic functions, primarily for the parking brake and infotainment system.

Automakers are making big changes because of the aggressive standards and goals of the federal government, but few are as bold as Ford. Indeed, the Ford F-150 Lightning will be the future of Ford’s off-road vehicles.

Ford has been working on getting the truck manufactured and sold, aiming to sell 150,000 of them per year.

What Are the Notable Features of Ford F-150 Lightning?

1. A Dual eMotor All-Electric Powertrain

The trucks are equipped with a dual eMotor all-electric powertrain, with the first eMotor functioning as a generator to deliver an output of 60 kW. The second eMotor provides the 400 hp power to the two-wheel-drive trucks. In the all-wheel-drive version, the two eMotors provide an output of 180 kW and 500 hp.

In the F-150 Lightning, the two motors are rear-mounted and can be set to provide engine torque for the drive wheels. It also has an on-board generator that acts as a starter motor.

2. A Targeted EPA-Estimated EV Range of Up to 480km 

With the F-150 Lightning, Ford is attempting to change the game in the truck and SUV market. The company is working with a next-generation nickel-rich lithium-ion battery pack that is an extension of the architecture in the current Ford Mustang hybrid.

3. A Carbon Fiber Pan

The carbon fibre pan provides the F-150 Lightning with a lightweight design. The Ford F-150 Lightning has a carbon fibre hood, roof, and tailgate.

The F-150 Lightning has carbon fibre front and rear bumpers. The truck has a width of 81 inches (excluding mirrors) and is 178 inches long. The truck is 70 inches tall.

4. A Great Towing Capacity

The Lightning will be capable of towing up to 10,000 pounds and features a 2,000-pound payload capacity. The truck will have an off-road suspension and is powered by a 48-volt system.

5. An Optional Ford Intelligent Backup Power System

Ford’s IMPS will be optional. It is a plug-in and provides a Battery Reserve Capacity (BRC) of 1 kWh. It will help reduce the range of the truck by storing power that is meant to be used for infotainment and parking brake purposes.

6. An Intuitive F-150 Lightning Interior

The new design of the F-150 Lightning includes a leather-trimmed steering wheel, transmission shift knob, and center console. The F-150 Lightning will be available in two- or four-wheel drive and with a six-speed automatic or six-speed manual transmission.


The Ford F-150 Lightning was just recently launched and is worthy of serious consideration for electric car shoppers who are looking for a pickup truck that has the capacity to go offroad.

The truck is capable of providing one of the highest payloads in the pickup truck segment and will be capable of transporting materials and equipment to work sites.

That said, be sure to take a peek at its specs and experience a Ford vehicle unlike any other.

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