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By: Lange & Fetter Motors   |   31 Mar 2024

When it comes to an investment like your vehicle, reliability and regular maintenance are key. Vehicle warranties are paramount for several reasons, offering peace of mind and financial protection to car owners, often in the event of an emergency or accident.

Here at Lange & Fetter Motors, we stand by our vehicles and do our best to make routine maintenance as easy as possible for our customers. With numerous Ford coverage plans, you can rest assured that your new Ford vehicle is well-equipped to last you the long haul, with complimentary maintenance services to keep it in tip-top shape! In this blog post, we’ll explore some of the comprehensive warranty coverage options Ford provides to its customers, as well as Lange & Fetter’s vehicle protection plans.

What Are the Warranty Options for Ford Drivers?

New Vehicle Limited Warranty: Ford's New Vehicle Limited Warranty covers defects in materials or workmanship for the first few years or a certain number of miles, whichever comes first. This warranty typically covers the entire vehicle and includes components such as the engine, transmission, suspension, electrical systems, and more.

Powertrain Limited Warranty: This warranty covers the major components of the vehicle's powertrain, including the engine, transmission, and drivetrain components. It usually lasts longer than the New Vehicle Limited Warranty and may have different mileage limits.

Extended Service Plans: After your New Vehicle Limited Warranty has expired, Ford offers extended service plans that provide additional coverage beyond the standard warranties. These plans can be customized to fit your needs and budget, covering items such as engine components, electrical systems, brakes, and more. Extended service plans may also include benefits such as roadside assistance and rental car reimbursement.

Ford Protect: Ford Protect is Ford's official extended warranty program, offering a range of coverage options to suit different needs and budgets. Plans include PremiumCARE, ExtraCARE, BaseCARE, and PowertrainCARE, each providing varying levels of coverage for different vehicle components and systems.

Maintenance Plans: Ford also offers maintenance plans designed to help you keep your vehicle in top condition. These plans typically cover routine maintenance services such as oil changes, tire rotations, and fluid checks for a specified period or mileage.

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Lange & Fetter Auto Coverage

At Lange & Fetter, we have top-of-the-line protection plans to protect your investment. Our plans save you a bundle and will make taking care of and maintaining your vehicle as easy as possible. 

Prepaid Maintenance Plans

The Prepaid Maintenance Plan covers all of your scheduled maintenance, as well as eight major wear items on every vehicle line (even some extras on the big diesels!) With prepaid maintenance, your scheduled maintenance and major wear are covered. With this plan, you’ll enjoy service that is:

Extended Service Plans

Our Extended Service Plans protect you from unexpected repair costs after your New Vehicle Limited Warranty has expired. You can even apply this to a pre-owned vehicle purchased from our used inventory. With this plan, we offer:

  • Up to 8 years or 200,000km
  • Six different plans tailored to your needs
  • Rental car and trip interruption coverage
  • 24/7 roadside assistance
  • Repair by certified Ford technicians

Body Guard Packages

With our Body Guard Packages, customers can enjoy even more protection against wear and tear on their vehicles and physical damage caused by the elements. Add-on coverage packages include:

Corrosion Protection: This module provides lifetime coverage on perforated rust/corrosion and six years of surface rust. It is a one-time install, and it’s environmentally friendly and made in Canada.

Paint Protection: Maintain colour/gloss and prevent bubbling. With this protection, your warranty is upgraded to include rust/corrosion damage caused by stone chips and scratches.

Interior Protection: Ensure your surfaces are covered against stains from normal spills. This treatment helps them to be more resistant to colour fading, cracking and wear spots.    

Rip, Tear, Burn Protection: Similar to Interior Protection, this covers your surfaces against stains from normal spills and provides resistance to colour fading, cracking and wear spots.

Lange & Fetter Has You Covered!

For better peace of mind on the roads of Ontario, Lange & Fetter has your back! From covering repair and maintenance costs to roadside assistance, vehicle warranties protect your investment while promoting satisfaction and confidence in your vehicle purchase.

For more information about our coverage options, don’t hesitate to contact us at our Ford dealership in Trenton, ON. Browse our inventory of vehicles online today to get started!

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