Three Notable Features That Sets The Ford F-350 Apart

By: Lange & Fetter Motors   |   31 Dec 2022

Numerous trucks have come out over the past few years. While there are many in the market that you can choose from, nothing comes close to Ford trucks. Despite its numerous selections, only a few are truly aware of what sets these trucks apart and how they can match the owner’s specific needs. 

Today, we will discuss one of the trucks in Ford’s Super Duty line and see the different things that make it unique from other trucks. The F-350 is the perfect level up from the F-150 because of its serious capability, while it is in the middle of the F-250 and F-450 in terms of size. If this is something that interests you, keep reading as we talk about what it is that sets the Ford F-350 apart.

It’s a Top Tier Towing Machine

The problem with middle-sized trucks is that it often does not match the towing capabilities that Quinte West residents are looking for. When it comes to towing, no one comes quite close to the Ford F-350. This truck can tow 37,000 pounds without much difficulty. That’s 1,000 pounds more than its closest competitor. This best-in-class truck can handle heavy-duty hauling requirements. In fact, you can opt for an electric winch that can provide your truck with a winching power of up to 12,000 pounds.

It also has a Pro Trailer Backup Assist, which ensures safety when you tow. This is a built-in guiding program that helps you reverse safely. Best of all, this assistance is just a knob away.

It Stows Stuff Safely and Securely

Trucks attract a lot of attention, as they are often used to transport valuable items. Sometimes these items cannot be concealed or locked away easily. The good thing about the Ford F-350 is that it keeps your valuables out of sight to onlookers. 

The truck bed conceals lockable storage compartments for large valuable items, whereas lockable under-seat boxes are integrated into the cabin floor. What’s more, the storage compartments hidden in the truck bed are sealed with the unique Ford BoxLink system. 

It’s Optimized for All Terrains

Whether for labour or for leisure, you never know where your adventures may lead you. This is why it is crucial to ensure that your mode of transport fits the terrain you are about to tackle. The Ford F-350 has five drive modes, namely: normal, eco, slippery, sand and snow, and towing and hauling. Make sure that you find out more about the Tremor Off-Road Package, which equips the F-350 with a set of items that optimize it for offroading. 


We hope that this article has helped you appreciate the unique details of the Ford F-350. As you can see, it is a truly unique car that will suit your needs and help you go the extra mile. This special car can help you with your tasks on the roughest of roads. Make sure to keep the important notes that we have mentioned in mind so you can make an informed decision about your next car. 

If you are looking for Ford trucks, Lange & Fetter Motors has you covered. Whether it’s for hauling heavy equipment or for carrying valuable items, our family-owned store has got you covered. Browse our wonderful lineup today! 


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