From Electric to V10 Trucks: A Look at Ford’s Car Range

By: Lange & Fetter Motors   |   30 Jun 2023

Ford Motor Co. is renowned for its high-quality vehicles and continues to captivate car enthusiasts with its impressive lineup. While Ford's focus is shifting towards SUVs and trucks, there are still several exceptional Ford vehicles that deserve recognition. Let’s explore the diverse range of models Ford has to offer.

1. F-150: The Legendary Workhorse

The F-150 stands tall as Ford's most iconic vehicle, boasting impressive sales figures year after year. With various engine options, including V-8 and twin-turbocharged V-6 variants, the F-150 offers unparalleled power and performance.

2. F-150 Lightning: The Game-Changing Electric Truck

Ford embraces electric mobility, so the F-150 Lightning is the brand's first fully electric truck. With no compromise on power, Lightning's electric motors deliver a staggering 580 horsepower and rapid acceleration. While towing capacity affects battery life, the Lightning offers an estimated driving range of 230 to 320 miles, depending on the battery option.

3. Mustang: The Timeless Icon

The Mustang, a legendary nameplate that survived Ford's transition to SUVs and trucks, continues to captivate car enthusiasts. With its striking design and powerful engine options, the Mustang provides an exhilarating performance and an enjoyable driving experience. Its fuel-efficient turbocharged four-cylinder model and spacious interior make it a well-rounded sports car.

4. SuperDuty: Unleashing Maximum Power

For those seeking ultimate power and towing capacity, the SuperDuty lineup, including the F-250, F-350, and F-450 models, is a reliable companion. With towing capabilities reaching up to 37,000 pounds, the SuperDuty outshines most competitors in the heavy-duty truck segment. While exact fuel efficiency figures aren't available, it's clear that SuperDuty prioritizes performance over fuel economy.


5. Expedition: The Spacious and Refined SUV

The Expedition, Ford's full-size SUV, offers generous space and refined features. With its twin-turbocharged V6 engine producing 380 to 440 horsepower, the Expedition accelerates and handles various driving conditions effortlessly. The well-designed interior, complemented by a standard 10-speed automatic transmission, ensures a smooth and comfortable ride for both driver and passengers.

6. Escape Hybrid: The Efficient and Tech-Savvy SUV

As the demand for eco-friendly vehicles grows, Ford's Escape Hybrid emerges as a top contender in the hybrid SUV segment. Combining impressive fuel economy, estimated at around 40 mpg, with an affordable price point, the Escape Hybrid delivers an attractive package. Its intuitive infotainment system and range of driving aids enhance the overall driving experience.

7. Explorer: Where Versatility Meets Performance

The Explorer, a pioneer in the SUV market, continues to offer versatility, power, and sophistication. With three powertrain choices and a spacious interior featuring a third-row seat, the Explorer caters to families and adventurers alike. The Explorer is equipped with advanced safety features and impressive towing capabilities of up to 5,300 pounds, ready for daily commutes and thrilling journeys.

8. Transit-150: The Versatile Workhorse

The Transit-150 is a versatile van designed for commercial and personal use. Its gas-powered variant provides a wide range of body designs, allowing for ample cargo space and convenient transportation of goods or equipment. Ford also offers an electric version of the Transit, catering to eco-conscious consumers and offering an ideal platform for camper van conversions.

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From the legendary F-150 and the groundbreaking F-150 Lightning to the timeless Mustang and the versatile Transit-150, Ford offers various options to meet consumers' diverse needs. Whether you seek power, efficiency, or versatility, Ford's lineup of exceptional cars ensures a perfect match for every driver.

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